ANM News Private Limited has ventured into the 24 hours web news channel. ANM News Private Limited is a part of the ANM group which has other ventures like ANM Films, ANM Global Media Research, ANM Tours and Travels.

ANM News Private Limited was initiated by two young likeminded individuals from divergent areas. Avijit Nandi Majumdar is a journalist with more than two decades of experience in the national and international front ranking highly esteemed print and television media. Avijit is a hard core field journalist having seen and reported from battle scarred territories and war front. Santanu Saha is a young and successful businessman of Kolkata with decades of experience in real estate, tourism, manufacturing sectors in India.

ANM News Private Limited launched an international web news channel with news and views from across the globe. The latest start up media is networked with news bureaus in Mumbai, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Bangalore, wishes to bring world at the feet of their viewers through global connect with international media organizations.

The news distributed to worldwide audience through our international web news portal www.anmnews.in. ANM News is also globally distributed through Facebook and You Tube, along with half a dozen other news Applications. Information and stories in ANM News is currently viewed and trolled by around 15 lakh netizens. The web news channel have news gathering and revenue sharing collaboration with news portal and channels across the world. ANM News has taken the initiative to connect with channels in Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Russia, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, UK and USA.

Right from the front line of war against terror in Jammu and Kashmir to the battle ground in Bangladesh and North East India, ANM News is omnipresent everywhere with their strong network of 100 journalists and more than 200 stringers spread across the world. ANM News believes in the concept of quickest to news and journalists are trained to report event and incident instead of being biased in news and views.

The media network boosts of some of the most aggressive news journalist in India. The mutli lingual channel is headquartered in Kolkata with bureau offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Bangalore, Dhaka.


ANM News is led by Avijit Nandi Majumdar, an international journalist with more than two decades of experience in print and television media. Avijit Nandi Majumdar started his life in journalism in the mid nineties and has several awards to his credit.

The core team of journalist and technical team comprises of another experienced web and television journalist Munmun Saha, Joy Kumar Mallick, Sham Sundar, who between them have put together more than two decades in journalism. Backed up by world class technology and automated graphics and nose for news, ANM News promises to build up a world of difference in the media world. Sleek, fresh and quickest to news, ANM News can give you a world news tour in an hour.

The web news channel address of ANM News is: www.anmnews.in

ANM News also runs a voluntary trust, Impact, an NGO, and VVIPs from all over the country and globe are associated with Impact’s activities.

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